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A unique Counselling Practice using a combination of traditional counselling practices and psychotherapeutic techniques that help unlock your inner harmony and discover the transformation of your own healing.

What lies beneath our psychological and physical ailments stem the real issues that have been hidden in shame, secrecy, detachment and discomfort for many years.

We turn to unhealthy relationships, drugs alcohol, eating, self-harm, shopping, gambling, many forms of addiction to numb the pain to gain some sense of control.


Have you sought help before with limiting results?


Psychological practices are changing with new understandings in mind body connections and how the nervous system and cellular memories play a part in our mental and physical healing.

At alchemy 528 we recognise all of you as a “whole" person, not the diagnosis or illness. By exploring the vulnerabilities of your past such as your childhood, environment, body issues and mental well-being that are affecting your life in the present.

Stress & anxiety
Relationship issues
Life challenges
Emotional issues
Mental Health
Self Esteem issues
and more….

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A new approach to mind body counselling

Compassion Inquiry somatic therapy

Compassion Inquiry® Somatic Therapies

Compassion Inquiry® Somatic Therapies

Dr. Gabor Maté created Compassionate Inquiry ® psychotherapy to help individuals and therapists uncover the subconscious mental states and physical conditions that shape our thoughts and behaviour.

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing®

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing®

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing ® developed by Cornelia Elbrecht’s unique body-based trauma informed art therapy that uses Bilateral Body Mapping approach.

Emotion Code Kinesiology

Emotion Code® Kinesiology

Emotion Code® Kinesiology

Dr Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code ® is a holistic healing technique that aims to identify and release trapped emotions that may be causing physical and emotional distress.