Sensorimotor Guided Drawing®

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing

Sensorimotor Guided Drawing ® developed by Cornelia Elbrecht’s unique body-based trauma informed art therapy that uses Bilateral Body Mapping approach.

Sensorimotor guided drawing is an approach to drawing that involves using both sensory and motor skills to create art. This technique involves focusing on the physical sensations of the body as you draw, such as the movement of your hand, the pressure of the pen or pencil on the paper, and the visual feedback you receive as you create your artwork and safety release emotions.

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In sensorimotor guided drawing, the artist uses a combination of sensory input and physical movement to create their artwork. This approach is often used in therapeutic settings to help people with a range of physical and emotional challenges, such as those with motor impairments or those who have experienced trauma.

The goal of sensorimotor guided drawing is to use the act of drawing to increase body awareness, improve sensory integration, and promote relaxation and stress reduction. It can also be a creative outlet for people who may not have traditional art skills or who struggle with verbal expression.

Clients do not need any special skills or artistic talent to participate in this therapy.

All drawing and painting are completed with hands – no paint brushes are used.

Aprons will be provided.

Wear suitable clothing that you would be happy to get paint on.

Sessions are by appointment only. Visit contact us page to connect.

alchemy 528 understand the importance of affordability when it comes to counselling fees, which is why I have set my prices to be competitive and discounted from the recommended fee structure for comparable services. While cost does does play a role, it should not be the only factor to consider when choosing a therapist. It is also important to consider factors such as training and experience to ensure the best possible outcome.

alchemy 528 takes pride in offering exceptional value for your money with our body-based counselling therapy sessions. While our competitors typically provide 60-minute sessions, we exceed expectations by providing 90-minute sessions that leave you feeling a greater sense of inner calm, and a deeper connection to your inner self.


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If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the scheduled session, a fee of 50% of the total session cost will be applied. However, if the cancellation is made less than 3 hours before the session, the full session fee will be charged. NDIS Conditions apply.