An amazing and genuine testimonial from "KG"


I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.   I am also on clozapine and was put on it in 1998 and have been well pretty much since then, however it hasn’t been an easy road. I have put in a lot of of work and done a lot of self-discovery. I also have and use my support team wherever possible.


In 1998 when the Doctor put me on clozapine I was also put on several other medications and was seeing a Doctor that was medication focused. In 2000 I changed Doctors and my life changed for the better pretty much.


Since then, I have come off all my psychiatric medications under supervision and now, I am only on clozapine. I also started to see a psychologist to help me with PTSD.  I was seeing her for just over 18 months and she was very good but in the end I felt I has reached as far as I could go with her. I didn’t want to go back on medications and wanted to try something different. I spoke to my psychiatrist and told him how I was feeling.


Then Deanne approached me with the type of therapy she has to offer and it came along at the right time, it was what I was looking for – holistic, untraditional and not medicated orientated.


I have been seeing Deanne now for 6 months and there has been a big improvement with my PTSD.


We look at the whole picture of the issue and where maybe the root of it began. We also do some grounding work and centering the body. I find our sessions very rewarding and after each session feel that we have achieved something and that progress has been made.


I am much happier, my mood has improved, my sleep has improved, actually my life has improved.


Therapy with Deanne plus my other supports now means I am much more healthier and happier both physically and mentally.


I recommend Deanne to anyone who wants to try something that is more holistic and less traditional.”  KG


ACA Level 2 Member